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Full text of "The Woman's Auxiliary to the National Council ... annual yearbook [serial]"

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The v/ork of the women of St, Philip's Church is 
exceptionally well organized. Thro-ogh-the Woman's Aux- 
iliary nnich of this v/ork is channeled, as this Year Book 
indicates* I commend this Year So ok to each woman, of the 
Parish and suggest that it he read and used as a guide 
and for reference during the year 1945-19^6 » o"*^ first as 
Hector and Congregation* "Dp all as uato the Lord*" 

faithfully yours. 

Clarence H« Eaden^ Jr. (/ 

Octolier 1, 19^5 

It is T/ith ci sense of gratitude for o"ur many "blessings 
past and v/ith a hope for continuing and expanding our -.vork, 
that this little "book is edited a second year* Please use 
it. It is an accurate manual of reference for our Auxiliary 
v/ork as v/e pray, njid study, and give, and labor, to share v/ith 
others God's message of love, 

TJill you dedicate the use of this "book v/ith the 
following prayer? 

j\my Carr 

"J'ather of all mo.hkind, throughout this day, a,nd every 
day, help me to remember that a very real portion of Thy 
Kingdom has been placed in my keeping, therefore teach me 
to love Thee^ uith all my mind - that I may think Thy 
'thcjights after Thee, from daivn to dark, making beautiful 
and signixicant each- decision of my da.ily living; help me 
to remove all prejudice and small-mindedness, Lord: 

vdth all TT^r heart - that I may love those whom Thou lov- 
,,rest,, feeling for even the most unlovable and difficult 
of Thy children Thine ov/n everlasting mercy: 

vdth all my soul - that I may seek fresh ways in which we 
can all be one in Jesus Christ our Lord, prayii:ig for Thy 
divine power to surge thrcugh my commonplace routine from 
mornii:ig tall night: 

T/ith all my strength - that I ma,y work the v/orks of Him 
who sent me v/hile it is day, seekir^g to channel through 
every a-ct Thy devotion to the needs of both my neighbor 
• a/nd myself* Remind me from moment to moment that this is 
not optional, but the last command of Jesus Christ, our 
Lord, Quicken m.e and use me this da,y, for Thy name's sake. 
Amen, " 

— from The TTorld Day of Prayer lea.flct. 



Foreword 1 

Prayer 2 

SSGTIOIT I. TJoirian's Auxiliary k 

PrograiTi Topics for A-'oiciliary 5 

Special Dates and Meetings ■ 7 

A-^oj^iiliary Officers S 

St, Agatlia 10 

St. Anne 12 

St. Catherine 1-1- 

St. Cecelia l6 

St. SlizaDotli • IS 

St. Hilda 20 

Financial Statement 22 

S-uggested Budget 23 

Christian Education 2^ 

Christian Social Relations 25 

Church Periodical CluD 26 

Coupons . 22 

rlospitality 2S 

missionary Correspondent 29 

Recruiting 3^ 

St. Margaret's G-uild ' 31 

Supply Work 32 

United Thank Offering 33 

SECTIOIT II. Other Organizations of St. Philip^s Church 3U 

Acolytes 35 

Altar Guild ' 36 

Church School Staff 37 

Church Greeting Conmit tee 3^ 

Choir (Senior) 3c 

Choir (jixiior) 39 

Layman's League UO 

Layman* s League Suppers UO 

Hursery, The Ul 

Parish Co-one il h2 

Soldier Service ^3 

Yestry, The hk 

YouLig People's Service League 

'Toman's Au^ziliary Prayer ^6 




September 10 Chapter 

Devotions: '"Patience" 

Education: United Tliank Offering 
September 27 G-eneral 

Devotions: "Lord Revive Thy Church Beginning 

T'fith Me" — Rev, Clarence R. Haden, Jr, 

Education; "Inside Japan" - Mrs, Ka.7 i'errell 

Reception for llewcomers 
October 1 Chapter 

Devotions: "Kindness" 

Education: "Our Expanding Church" 

U.'T.O, Ingathering 
October I5 G-eneral 

Devotions: "Love in the Home" - Llrs. Clinton 


Education: "Latin America" 
November 5 . Chapter 

Devotions: 'G-enerosity" 

Education: "O^or Expanding Church" 

Ingathering of Garments for Suyjply Department 
November I3 G-eneral 

Devotions: "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself" - 
Mrs, Hugo Ualker 

Education: "Hegro Schools" 
Decemb'er 3 Chapter 

Devotions: "Humility" 

Education: "Our Expanding Church" 
December 17 G-eneral 

Christmas Party — Mrs. Hugo Walker, Ghm. 


January 7 ■ Chapter 

~ Devotions: "Courtesy" 
Education: "Cross over Africa" 
January 21 G-eneral 
Devotions: "A Christianas Place in the 

T7orld Today" - Col, L. A, Krause 
Education: "Cross over Africa" 


PBOaHAl-r TOPICS rCH 19U^-lS-l6 AUXIItIARY , (cont.) 

'FebroBxy k Cliapter 

D evo t ions : "Uiis el f i slme s s " 

jijducatiorL: -^Gross over Africa" 
Febraary IS G-eneral 

Devotions: *Te Shall 3e ¥itne3ses'' 
Mrs» Burke Zobgood 

Education: "Cross Over Africa" 

Election of delegates co Diocesan .Convention 

Election of Officers for 19^46 
March U Chapter 

Devotions: "Grood Temper'' 

Education: "Cross Over Africa 

U. T*., 0* Ingathering 

March S 

World Day of Prayer 
March 12 ) . 
March IS ) LEITT 
April 1 ) 
April 15 ) 

May 6 

May 20 

June 3 

June 17 

Devotions: "G-uilelessness" 
Report from Diocesan Meeting 

Devotions: "Love Thine Enemy" 
Rev, Kelsey Regen 

Education: 'H^U C. Council of Churches" 
Rev. Ernest J. Arnold 

Devotions: "Sincerity" * - ' 
Education: "1;I« C^ Legislative Council" 

Devotions: "The Greatest of These^" 
Ivirs* L. A. Tomlinson 
Education: "World Council of ChurchcJs" 






Meetings — 

Annual Meeting of the Diocese of Uorth 
Carolina, St. Timothy* s Church., ¥ilson, 
iTorth Carolina, April 30 - ^^'ay 1, 19^6. 

District of Orange 

St» MattheT7*s Church, Hills"boro, ITorth 
Carolina, October 2^, 19^5. 

Special Dates — 

World Comrmmity Day — lIcvemhGr 2.^ 
Churchwide Day of Prayer — November 11 
Ash Wednesday — March 6 
World Day of Prayer, March S 
Easter — -April 21 

Lenten Study Class — each Tuesday morning at. 
10:30, conducted by the Rev. Clarence H. Haden, 
Jr,, March 6 — April 21, 19^6. 


June, to Juno, 19^46 

Prosident- * " 

fcG. Geo. TTatte Garr, I5 0-^2: IDrivo," r-C711 


Mrs. J. L. Frizzellc, 2IO3 Hhiglev/ocd Ave. , X-39U2 

Mrs. Hearst, 2705 StToart Drive, 


Mrs. H. Ivi. ScliielDel, lUlO Pennsylvania Ave. , X-2721 

Secretary of Christian Sducation- 

Mrs* J. Prizzelle, 2IO3 EngleT/ood Avg. , X-39^42 

Secretary of Cliristiaii Social Relations- 

llirs. H-ugo Walker, II03 Knox St., X-5612 

United Thank Offering Custodian- 
Mrs. Eva Mason, IOI3 Monmouth jfve. , L-66UI 

Secretary of Supply Work- 

■ Mrs. H. H. Lewis, IOO7 Minerva Ave., J-5052 

Co- Secretary of Supply Work- 
Miss Frances Woolworth, 210S Englewood Ave. , X-3^13 

Chairman of St. Margaret's Guild- 

Ivlrs. B. W. P.oherts, I503 W. Pettigrew St.. J-709I 

Chairman of Hecruiting- 

Mrs. A. M. Worth, 1011 I/2 Dacian Ave., P-2533 

Chairman of St, Agatha's Chapter- 
Miss Sarah, 204 IT. Dillard St., P-5251 

Chairman of St. Anne's Cliapter- 

Mrs. H. M. Schieoel, lUlO Peiuisylvania Ave., X-2721 

ChaArman of St. Catherine's Chapter- 
Mrs. Angus McBryde, E. Porest Hills Blvd. , I:^-5Sll 

Chairman of St. Cecelia's Chapter- 
Mrs. W. W. Happer, 2lU E. Cheek St., P-O561 

Chairman of St. Elizabeth's Chapter- 

tos. P, B. WeVD, gll Vickers Ave., L-35U1 

Chainnan of St. Hilda's Chapter- 
Mrs. R. E. Qainn, Jr., 20S Watts St., IT-O352 

Missionary Correspondent- 
Mrs. Geo. L. Lyon, Hope Valley, J-0U72 


June, 19^5 to June, 19^6 > 

Secretary of Ch-arch. Periodical Cluo- 

Mrs. H. Shipp, 110^ Watts St.,^ X-2356 

Cheer Partner- 
Mrs, T. A. Ricks, 2007 University Drive, L-.U572 

Ciiairrnan for Collection of Coupons- 
Mrs. H» B. Boyd, 1020 Minerva Ave, , 1"-262U 


Mrs. H, B. Boyd, 1020 Minerva Ave., II-262U 
Mrs. II. Yancey, Hand Apt s., L-Uo22 

Mrs. B. TT. Ho-berts, I503 T7, Pettigrov/ St,, J-709I 

Young People's Service League Representative- 
Mrs. R. E. Quinn, o'r., 20S T/atts St., 1^-0352 

Chaii^man of Nursery School- 
Mrs. J. E. Shuler, 265O University Drive, E-275I 

Director of Christian Education- 
Miss Mary Burgess, 1021 Eighth St., X-U77U 

Thompson Orphanage Christmas G-ifts- 

Mrs."w. B. Leftwich, IOO9 Minerva Ave. , N-U161 

House Committee- 
Church Mrs. ¥, R. Kuker, 923 Dacian Ave. , i\i-U071 

Parish House — Mrs. J. A. Rohiiison, U15 Liberty St. , L-IU32 
Miss Mary Burgess, 1021 Eighth St., X-U77U 


S t> Agatha' s Chapter 

Chairman ivliss Sarah HarMiari , 5'-5251 

Vice- Chairman I.Irs, Julia Davin 'X-4'073 

Secretary — Miss Helen Kendall , L-OSS3 

Treasiirer -. Miss Frances T'oolworth X~3^13 

Devotions ^Ilrs. Bijrke Hohgood . . ?-2211 

Sec^y Christian Education — i.irs, Frederick PTessor 11-6732 

Sec^y Christian Social Helat ions-Hiss Tiphaine Burgess . X--U77U 

Supply Work ^i.Irs. H. Le\u s 

Hiss Frances T/oolworth. X3^413 

St. Margaret's G-uild — Mrs, Julia Davis . . X-U073 

Cheer Partner ' ■ — Mrs. Burke Hohgood F-2211 

U.T^O^ Custodian ^Ilrs. T/alter Xing, Jr, X-3OI9 

Missionary Correspondent ^i.Iiss Henrietta Fagan J-SS3I 

Recruit ii]g ^Ivirs C. li. Shipp - X-2355 

Church Periodical Club- ^i\^rs, John Cobh X-3U0O 

Coupons — Mrs. C, S. Sykos' F-i-31 

Music — ■ — : lars. JM. 0?,. Yancey Ir-US22 

Hospitality ^Ivlrs. C. M. Her-ndon ' 

- - ~_ 

St, Agatha's Chapter 

Alston, Mrs. C. 3. 2313 Clu"b Blvd. X-37S6 

Burgess, Miss Tiphaine 1021 Eighth St. X-U77^r 
Cohh, Mrs. J. ¥• 905 Sixth St. X-3U0O 

Covert, Mrs. I. J« Rt. 5» Din'haiii • 

Davis, Mrs. JuLia 703 ^» Markham Ave. X-U073 

Drake, Mrs. J. iT. Fish Dam Road J-363^ 

Fagan, Miss Henrietta Y.¥.C.A. J-SS3I 
Fortione, Mrs. James 102^ 11. Elizabeth St. IT-O913' 
Fuller, Mrs. F. L. Jr. 702 Cohh St. 11-9^51 
&riffin, Mrs. D. T7. 50U IT. Queen St. Ir-9121 
Herndon, Mrs. Chas. S19 I/2 Second St. X-5049 
-Hesser, Mrs. Frederick 2921 Horton Road R-6732 
Hohgood, Mrs. Burke 306 Edwards St. F-2211 
Johnston, Mrs. Louise 20U IT. Dillard St. F-625I 



St. Matha^s ChaT)ter 

Kendall, Miss Helen 
King, Mrs. T/alter, Jr. 
Kin^, Mrs, TTalter, Sr. 
Lewis, Mrs, H. H. 
Lloyd, Mrs, AV&ott 
McLean, Miss Ruth 
MarMiam,^ Miss Sarali 
Meachani, Miss Ethel 
ITew, Miss Huth 
Saunders, Miss ITena 
Shackleford, Mrs, C, W. 
Shipp, Mrs, C, H, 
Sykes, Mrs, G. S, 
2waddoll, Mrs. v7. P, 
Uzzell, Mrs, M, ¥, 
TJeldon, Mrs, J, R, 
TJetmore, Mrs, M, L, 
Miitt, Mrs, J, T, 
17ool\7orth, Miss Frances 
Yancey, Mrs, il. T, 

#S Aycock Apts, 
1707 G- St.'' 
1707 G St. 
1007 Minerva Ave. 
2100 Olvh Blvd. 
Powe Apts. 
20U lI.'Dillard St, 
Carolina Hotel 
306 Edwards St. 
U07 Cleveland St. 
906 IT, Mang-um St, 
1104 TJatts St. 
iluxses Home, Duke U. 
707 S. D-'jke St, 
1209 Oakland Ave. 
2^06 Highland Ave. 
lUoO D-^oIce U. Road 
120 Broadv/ay St. 
2IO0 Englewood Ave. 
Rand Apt. LilDerty St 









So» Anne^s Chapter 

H. M. Schiehel 


Roland Androv/s " 


S ecretary-Treasm" er 

iilC s • 

H. M. Schiebql 

Devotions -* 


Evgo TJall^cr 


Sec^ Christian Sduoation 


J.L. Prizzolle 


Sec'y Christia^n Social Relations- 


J.L. Prizzelle 

John A. Dos el 


John R. Beariian 



Charles Sav/yer 

Palmer Pickard 


TJ.T.O, Custodian*- • 


ID. C. Mitchell 



C. 3. Mason 


Sec rui ting 


J^L. Frizsollc 



Roland* Andrews 


Ch"urch Periodical Club 


Charles Sa^Tyer 



L, J. Crotts 


Telephone Coiamittee 


¥. T.^Eure 



W. M; Harrison 




Richard Loig-i 


St. Anne's Chapter 

Andrews, tos, Roland 2210 Pershing St. X- 29^45 

3abh, Mrs. J. S. 219 Knox Circle 1-72^1 

Baer, Mrs. H. lUl2 IT. Mang-=airx St. L-6022 

Beajnan, Mrs^ John R. 220S Englev/ood Ave. X-3O2U 

Butler, Mrs. T. 200U Cluh Blvd. X-i+2l2 

Cahoon, Mrs. John B. iSig Guess Road X-U329 

Crotts, Mrs. L. J. I703 JilaryLstnd Ave. X- 2^+67 

Desel, Mrs, John A* 251U Banner St. r-UU92 

Dunna^an, Mrs. M» Ti/ake Porest Road J-4-S15 

Eure, Mrs. ¥. T. 2002 Cluh Blvd. X-2O5I 

Prizzelle, Mrs^ J. L. 2IO3 Englewood Ave, X-39^2 

Harrison, Mrs. M. IIOS Virginia Ave. X-2951 

Herring, Mrs. L, ikOB OoJdLand Ave* X-2S73 

St> Inne's Chapter 

Hunter, Mrs* Peters ^ IIO9 Oakland Ave. X-3067 

Jeffreys, Mrs. R. S. , IIO9 G-eorgia Ave. X3^S6 

Kluttz, Mrs. Jno.C.,,Jr. 23OS ¥oodro\7 St. . X-3736 

Leigh., Mrs. Richard 2320 Gluh Blvd. ' X-3732-^-^ 

Love, Miss ^.iargaret 210S Inglev/ood Ave* X«34l3 

Mason, Mrs. C. 3^ 2022 Club Blvd. X-U276 

Mitchell, Mrs. 3. C. 2D15 Club Blvd. . X«U231 

Moore, Mrs. C. A» . I50U C-lendale Ave* Il-U0l4 

0« Connor, Mrs. ¥. J. ' 2OO7 Pershing St. X--29l5- 

Pickard, Mrs. Palmer 1^02 Broad St. X-1270 

Sav/yer, Mrs. Ghas, li. 2119 Snglewood Ave. X-3066 

Schiebel, Mrs.. H. M. lUlO Pennsylvania Ave.. X-2721 

Smith, Mrs. J. S. 120 Broadway St. — 

Stamps, Mrs. Mack lU02 Alabama Ave. X-3336 - 

¥alker, Mrs. H-ugo IIO3 Knox St. X-5cl2 


S t « C at her i ne ' s Qhapt er 


Chairiuan : Mrs, Angus McBryde "M-561I 

Vice Chairman ~- Mrs. A. Ricks - Ir-&572- 

Secretary Mrs. J.M.M. G-regory,Jr. H~26Sl • 

Treas-urer Mrs, ¥. II. H-uffin L-2291- 

Devotions Mrs, J.M.M, Gregory J-217I 

SecV Christian Education Mrs. ¥. A. Bromiell Ir-209U ' 

Sec^y Christian Social Relations-Mrs. ¥. C, Slater ?-6sU2 

Supply ¥ork Mrs. G-us. Brannon, Jr, J-GsUl 

St*"!togaret«s Guild- Mrs^ H.Y.H. St-oever 11-9551 

Mrs. ¥• H. Ruffin 1-2^1 

Mrs. ¥. C. Slater P-6SU2 

i/a^D. L. M. Connor J-UU71 

Cheer Partner Mrs, A. Ricks L-U572 

U.T.O. Custodian Mrs. Murray Jones I1-5S61 

Missionary Correspondent — Ivlrs. Prank Minter iT-7^51 

Recimting Mrs. J. ?• Gwaltney P-206I' 

Mrs. *Hay^70od Taylor R-50U1 

Church Periodical Cluo Mrs. ¥. E. Seernan 5^-7971 

Coupons Mrs. C. E. Hoell J«4UUU 

Telephone- ~ Mrs. T. A. Ricks Ir-4572 

Mrs. R. G. Hurst R-UU2I 

Suppers Mrs, J. B, Griswold J-I561 

MiTs* 13. M. Connor J-^Jl 

Mrs, A. H. London Ir-1191 


St, Catherine's Chapter 

Alexander, Mrs. Thos. L. l5o5 University Drive R-67II 

Arnold, Mrs. lTo"ble 8O5 Hermitage Court 

Bradway, Mrs. John 262I Stuart Drive R-U932 

Brannon, Mrs. Gus Erv/in Apts. L-3^22 

Brannon, Mrs, Gus, Jr, 20S Pine View Road J-6SU1 

Bridgers, Mrs. Purman I325 Arnette Ave» L-OgOl 

Broocks, Mrs. T. A* IOI6 Homer St. L-2S31 

Brovmell, Mrs. A. Hope Valley L-209^ 



St, Caoher i ne ^ s Chap t er 

Bryson, Mrs. E. C. Sycamore St, _ L-761U 

aiay, I/iTs. Hoble " ' v I319 Arnette Ave. ' L^Syil 

Connor, Mrs. D. M. """E. Eorest Hills Blvd. ■ J-^71 

Gregory, Mrs. J.M.M. 119 Cedar- St. - - - J-ajl 

G-regory, Mrs. J.M.M. , Jr. lOOJ Homer St. 

Griswold, Lirs. J. B. University Drive J~156l 

Griswold, Mrs. W. S. ' I5U0 Hermitage Court '[ 11^5^+1 

Gv/altney, Mrs. J. P« 201 Woodridg-e Drive E-206l 

"-^ansela, Mrs. Oscar Hf>pe Valley ^ ' ' Ir-Ugyi 

Hurst, Mrs. Pw. G. - - 2?05 Stuart Drive Br-hk21 

Jones, Mrs. Murray • 1523 Hermitage Court L-586I 

^ .Lcndoii, Mrs. A. H. " Wells St. ^ ' • L-;119i 

^JLcBryde, tos. Angus ■ I5O2 Hermitage Court ' IT-56II 

McMichaels, Mrs. G. E, lOOU Wells St. ' J-UU^3 

"^liinter, Mrs. Frank Porest Wood Drive 1^-7^51 

Helson, Mrs*. J'. C. - • 111^1 Wells St. J-IA-UU 

l^oell, Mrs. C. E. lilU Wells St.' ■ ' J-^^-i^Uk 

"^dom, Mrs. Guy L. Chelsea Circ.,Hape Valley L-SyUl 

Ogshiary, Mrs* W. H, Hope Valley L~7202 

Ricks, Mrs. T. A. ' 2007 University Drive Ir^4572 

Huff in, Ivlrs. W. H." 25 Oak Drive L--2291 

Seeman, Mrs. W. E. Oak Drive 5^-7971 

6huler, lirs. J. E. University Drive^ E~2751 

Slater, Mrs. ¥. C. 121 Eorest Wood Drive E--6SU3 

Stoever, Mrs. H.V^H. 20U Eorest Wood Drive 11-9551 

Taylor, Mrs. Haywood - ^2620 University Drive * H-50^1 

Van Trine, Mrs. Halph Hope Valley - * IT-962I 





vT» Hap'per . 



Sliza"beth Constable 



G-ertrad© WgIdId . 



Dorotlij Bonn .. 


Devotions-^ ■ 

I . i G i'i 

Zitty ITolson , 

Sec^y Clir i r. t i an Educ at i on 


3-1 oil a/raoy.. 


Sec^y Christian Social Helations- 


St ewar t . jll pxander . 


'G-ood Brought on , 



J» Mall^rd^ 


Cheer Partner — . — — 


SlizalDeth Constaple Rr25bl 



■Juanita Sliearon^ ■ 

Missionaiy Correspondent 


Mary Burgess.; „ 

Se croi t i ng^ 


jDorotiiy ?:,Gn^i ■ ;■; 


XVi-L S b 

Sophronia WoVb 

Cla-arch Pei*iodical Club—;-- 

Mr s# 

¥.3. ?-ov;larid.,{Jr. / 


Coupons — — ^ — 


Charles Skinner 



John Mai^ldipp ■ _ _ ; 


Aimo Davis -;; 



Head Branch. _ 

St» Cecelia's Chapter 

Alexander, Mrs» Stev/art 1013' Dacian Ave. ■L-2S9I 

Andrews, Mrs. Richard 2IO3 Snglewood Ave* X-39^1-2 > 

Ashhy, Mrs. Ruth Pranlzlin Court 'Apt. 1^^-211 

Brady, Mrs. Rooert H. 202 xTorthv/ood Circle J--1272 

Branch, Mrs, Read ¥ells St. J-iiUUU 

3ro-!jghton, Mrs, G-oode Pranklin Court Apt. 1I-U211 

Burgess, L'liss Mary 1021 Eighth St. X-hjjh 

Carr, Mrs. G-eo. ¥atts,Jr. IS O.ok: Drive P-O7II 

Constable, Mrs. Chrysteen University Apts. R-256I 

Constahlet Miss Elizaheth University Apts. R-256I 

Crotts, Mt^ Maiy E. I7O3 Ibxyland Ave.. X-25-67 

Davis, Miss Anne I51S Hermitage Ct, P~0571 

Decker, Mrs. Lizzie 317 Holloway St.. R-759 


Str Cecelia^ s Chaytcr 

Dermott, Hiss Joan 1022 '.T* Trinity Ave. J-3O5I 

Happer, Mrs. T;.. TT. 21^ Chcok St. ?-056l 

Ligets, I^rs. P. 220 JTorthwood Circle 1-05^2 

Mallard, Hrs« J. . . I516 HormitagG Ct. F-O571 

Marldiam, Hrs^ John . IOI6 Homer St, L-BS31 

Ilarldiaiii, iirs^ Jack 71^4- Chapel Hill St. ?-62ll 

Moore, Miss Catherine 23 University AT)ts.- IT-SlUl 

ITelson, Miss Kitty . T7ells St. ~ J^kkkk 

Ogshury, Miss G-ladys , Hope Valley Ir-2202 

Ogshury, Miss Fnyllis , Hope Valley L--2202 

Pov;e, Miss Frances . . 3O3 Swift Ave. IT-O5U1 

Henn, Miss Dorothy Oak Drive F-7971 

— aoT/land, Mrs. r.3^,Jr. §1^ Vickers Ave. . F-.903I 

^ fi.-uffinj.Mrs. JuLiarx . . $lS Anderson St. II-25U1 

Shearon, Miss Juanita . BOS IT. G-regson St, 11-^202 

Skinner, 2;Irs^ Charles . IOI6 Homer St. L-SS3I 

Tracy, Mrs. aien M.. , I30 TJoodridgc Dr. ll-SSOl 

Upchurch, Mrs. H. J. Oak Drive 5^-7971 

iTatkins, Mrs. Alston , 303 Sv/ift Ave. II-O5U1 

TTebD, Miss G-ertrude. 811 Vickers Ave. L-35^1 

TJehh, Miss Sophronia . Bll Vickers Ave. L-35^-1 

TTetmore, Miss Marian D, lUoO Duke Univ. Ed, J-56S3 

TJhitaker, I\/Irs.' u.P. ,Jr. Elk Vickers Ave, Ir-1232 


St. Eliza.Dotxi^ 3 ChaT>ter 

Cha irrnan •". • — 

Vice Chai.rnirarx ; 

S e 3 r c t ary- Tr e,a s-ar or 

Dcvo.tions — 

Sgc*7 Chrigiiian Sducation 

Scc'y Christian Social Helations- 

Sirpply '-'01^ 

St.- Margaret *s G-uild 

Che or Partner 

U.T.O. Custodian ■ — — 

Missionary Co rre spend ent- 
Becruiting ■ — ■ 

Church Periodical Club- 
Coupons , 

Telephone ; 

SuT'Dcrs — ■ - 






J, A, 1-10 Dins on 
7, M, "^cfllacc II 
L',> A. 'Tonlinson 
Geo.' L, Lyon 

3^ G-i'ifiith 
H, 'L. . Ahrahams 
Rohort s 
leer, Jr, 
John C, Michie,J] 
W,TJ. Woodley, Jr, 
3.' Tl^ Rohorts 
H. liT. Underwood 




i: • 




V • 












St , . Elizaheth* s Chapt er 

Ahrah:ainG, Mrs, rl. L, 

University Apt s, - 


Bagg, Mrs, S. I. 

Maloourne Hotel 


Burke, Mrti. D. 7. 

50o^Porcst St, 


CohD, Mrc, Clarence 

U02 Morehead Ave, 


Coiner, 'Mrs, L. S. 

212 7. Chapel Kill St. 


Prank, Mrs, L, L, 

Miami Blvd. 


G-lenn, Mrs, P, TT. 

1022 Minerva Ave, 



Griffith, Mrs. G. 3. 

University Apts. 

Hall, Mrs, Bean 

1009 Green St, 


Harris, Mrs. I, E, 

Roxhoro Rd. 


'Kcnnon, Mrs, Alhert 

Duke Univ. Road 


Kihler, Mrs, A. P, 

619 Morehead Ave. 


Kline, Mrs, Clayton P. 

2312 "Toodrow St. 


St, Elizabeth^ s Chaptor 

LaPar, Mrs. TT, B. 

Ma^lboiirnc Hotel 


Lei7is, Mrs* E!« P» 

UlS S. B-oke St. 


Lyon, Mrs* G-ed.. 

Hope Valley 


Marknain, Mrs. C." B. ' 

2Dh IT. Billard St, 


Micliic, Mrs# J» -'^*, "Jr» 

1507 Pettigrew St. 


Pov;c, Mrs, 2. K. , o"r.' 

303 Sv/ift Ave/ 


~t Roberts, Mrs. B. fT. 

•1503 Pettigrev; St. 


Hobinson, Mrs* J. A. 

U15 'Liberty St. 


Scales, Mrs. J. P.. 

•lOS IT. Billard St. 


Spencer, Mrs. P. C. 

•302 Roxboro St. 


Stanley, Mrs. K. - 

♦University Apt-s. 


Teer, Mrs. Ilello, Jr. 

Roxboro St. 


Tomlinson, Mrs., L. A* - 

901 a. Buke St. 

- P--2671 

UnderY/ood, Mrs. IT. ^ 

'Univer s i ty 'Apt s. 


— "frallaco, Mrs. 17. M.'II" 

•University Apts. 


TTalsh, Mrs. Mcrrick'E..' . 

^252^ State- St. 


. TTatkins , Mr s • By er s • 

Swift- Ave. 


T/ebb, Mrs. Prank 

'Sll Tickers Ave. 


- — 'TTebb, Mrs. J. C. ^ 

-^703 S. Buke St. 


¥o odl ey , Mr s . IT. ^. , Jr ; 

1007 Green St. 




St. Hilda* s diaptor 

Chairman Mrs. E. 0:uiim H-O352 

Vico Chairman ■ : Mrs.' A. l\ Tor^tli " ^'-2593 

Secretary — Mrs. a« TTilliamson 

Treasurer — Mrs. 3, Boyd $1-26^ 

DcTotionG -^-r- Ilf5» Jas» M. Til son X~56l6 

Sec '7 Christian Education *Mr3* John Hallowoll 

Se c * y Chr i s t ian S ocial Rolat io ns-M'i s s ' Ethel Heado E-3 7^1 

Supply Uqrk— — Mrs. 'J; ".alter Proctor X-UoUU 

St. Margaret's ^"uild- --Mrs. "Sva lvlason L-66U1 

Cheer Partner- --Mrs* *T7. G« Lindsey F-7911 

U»T.O. Custodian — i\ Ida Cowan I1-2S7I 

Missionary Correspondent >_~Mrs. C. Lindsey E-7911 

Recruiting -——Mrs. E.' 3. Cooke 5'-99Ul 

Ivfrs. 3. H. Roberts J-S0U2 

Church Periodical Club l\4rs. J. P. Burnhani X-5206 

Coupons-—. ^ Mrs; H. B. Boyd iI-2624 

'Telephone • — Ivirs, TJ; A. G-raham L-U5BI 

Mrs; Prank Bozarth L-U634 

MrsV T:^ G. Dozier I^Sto 

Hospita2ity Membership Participation 


St. Hilda's Chapter 
Alexander, Mrs. S. M, Johnson Apts. TTatts St. Ir-6623 

Blanton, Mrs. rilliam II05 TTatts St. X-2527 

Boyd, Mrs. R. B, 1020 Minerva Ave. 1\[-262U 

Bozarth, Mrs. Prank llOJ Minerva Ave. Ir-U63U 

Burnham, Mrs. J. P. 1^25 Dollar Ave. X-52O6 

Cooke, Mrs. R. 3. IOI5 17. Trinity Ave. P--99^1 

Cowan, Miss Ida IOI3 Dacio.n Ave. L-2371 

Dozier, Mrs. T. University Apts. l>i-S4Sl 

Efeerton, Mrs. P. Ull Orogson St. L-S6l^ 

Evans, Mrs. R. R. Powe Apts. I7atts St. J-SU13 

Prazier, Mrs. liT, G-. Manchester Apts. X--^25l 

5\iss, Mrs. T. A. Beverly Apts. R-5U9I 



St. Hilda^s Chapter 

G-arrett , 'llrs. C. 
G-i"bson, Mrs, J, D. . 
G-raham, Mrs. IT. A. 
Haden, Mrs. C. H. , Jr. 
HallOT/ell, I'rs. Jolm H. 
Henderson, Mrs* A. I\ 
Hunter, Hiss May 
ICulcer, Mrs. t:.- 
Leftv/ich, Mrs.^ T, 3. 
Lindsey, Mrs. IT. C. 
Llewell;yrLi, Mrs. TT. H. 
Mason, Mrs. Eva 
Potts, Mrs. H. H. , Jr. 
Pov;ers, Mrs. Stliridge 
Proctor, Mrs. J. TTalter 
Qoir^i, Mrs. E. , Jr. 
Heade, Miss Ethel 
Hoherts, Mrs. 3. R. 
Schofield, l^s^ G. L. . 
Schofield, Mrs. IT. M. 
Seemr.n, Mrs. Henry 
Troy, Mrs. Ballard 
TTeston, Mrs. G-. B. 
Williamson, Mrs, Harvey 
Uilliojnson, 1/Ir^.' T. G.- . 
ITilson, Mrs, Ja.s. M.' . • 
\Torth, Mrs. A.. M. 
Young, Mrs. S. H. 

1515 n. Duke St. 
look Demarius St. 
Beverly Apts. 

1102 IT. Gregson St. 
SOk Uth St. 

Yance Apt. 

1010 Lamond Ave. 

923 Dacian Ave.— 

1009 Minerva Ave. 
ho 2 Morris St. 

1103 EnglcwoocL Ave. 
1013 Monmouth Ave. 
1012 Trinity A-/e. 
Box lGo4, City 

1010 Urban Ave. 
205 Tatts St. 

1011 Lamond Ave. 
Severl^^ Apts. 

307 il. G-regson St. 
307 G-regson St. 
108. T\ Seeman St. 
1311 Dollar Ave. 
1103 Snglewood Ave. 
1103 Minerva ip^e. 
311 G-reen St. 
SlS Buchanan Blvd. 
1011 1/2 Dacian Ave, 
Beverly Apt. 










TToman^f? Aaxiliary of St« Philip^ g Church 
September 1, 

Receipts , , 

Balance on hc-md September 1, 19^ $ 221.97 

St. Margaret »s G-uild .2,072.7p 

Pledges 1,065.02 

Total receipts $3, 359.. 75 


Christian Social Relations. 65. 5I 

Christian Education. . . .U^>65 

Conference Putid. . 35.75 

Thompson Orphanage. . . . SO.OO 

Memorial I\inds,.. . , 20»00 

Missions. i 750»00 

War Bond — Parish House- Fund \ .. 100.00 

St. Margaret's Guild.'. * 509.95 

St. . Margaret «s Guild (for 19^5) , „ 1^5.00 

Auxiliary Teas. ; . i . . 10,50 

Supply Work • . . ... 75.. 00^ : 

Ascending Scale. .............. .V. . . . ' . 51^»09 

Discretionary Pund • , 52«91 

Miscellaneous ^^•^3 

Total disbursements.... $2,US6.79 
Balance on hand 872.96 



Cliristian Social Relations- — — : $150.00 

Conference Eimd — 100^00 

Thompson -Orphanage . 100^00 

Christian Education-.— ^— - — — 50.00 

Hospitality: ■ . 

H recrmtixig l-uncheons © $U.00 ~ $l6*00 
" Eirst social meeting 15.00 

3 luncheo'n. meetings © $15.00 Us.OO 76. 00 

Eleanor En^in Memorial ' Eijnd (Saompson Orphanrige) . 10,00 

Alll-e Martin Memorial, ^^lnd (to Y.PoS.L.) ^ 10,00 

Discretionary Fund 1 200,00 

Missionary Etind I5O.OO 

Central Fuiid UU.OO 

Supply ¥ork 75 #00 

Epiphany Offering 6,00 

Ascending Scale 56^.00 

Miscellaneous ~ 100.00 

. Total $ 1,7S9.00 



The Christian Chuixh has two fiiactions* The first is 
evangelistic, the v/ork of winning people into the christian 
life.. The second is educational, training people in the 
christian life. 

Christian education is not merely the work of informing 
people about the christian religion. It is the work of pro- 
viding the help that poo pi o need in livir-g that life more fully. 

'I?his 1945-19^6 program is planned to provide help and 
guidan'cG to tairo each person from the position she nov; occu- 
pies to a richer and sti*onger christian life. The oDjective • 
is to stimulate, guide, and enrich the experience of our mem- 
bers in such a way that they shall develop (l) christis?;! rela- 
tion to (xod, (2) christian relation to our fellowmen, (3) loyal- 
ty to Jesras ChriDt,<(^0 a christian evaluation of the individual 
(5) christian initiative and self-reliance, (S) an intelligent 
grasp and use of christian truth,' (7) knowledge and apprecia- 
tion of the Bible, Prayer Book, and other parts of the church's 
heritage, and-(S), participation in the corporate life of the 

Every experience in our life in the church is educational^ 
It is our desire that our members use the means provided by the 
church: wor^ip, prayer, fellowship, and study, to christianize 
these experiences and make us truer servants of our Lord. 

Sectstary; lirs. J.L.Frizzelle. 210*5 Sngclowood Ave. .X-"^9U2 

St. j^atha— Mrs. Frederick Hesser, 29?1 Horton Hd. , R-6732 
St. Anne — Mrs. J.L.Frizzelle, 2IO3 Engl ewood Ave. , X-3942 
St.' Catherine — ^Lirs. W, A. Brovmell, Hope Valley, L-209U 
St. Cecelia—Mrs. aicn Tracy, I30 IToodridge Dr^ , II-SSOI • 
St. Elizabeth—Mrs. George Lyon, Hope Valley, J-OU72 
St. Hilda—Llrs. John H. Hallowell, SOk kth St.. X-5Sg5 • 



Tlae Gornmit tee on Christian Social HeXat ions is ready to 
.serve in the Parish, the comnnmity, or world, those people 
who axe sick, lonely, or in need. It, would seein that the best 
work we may do this year is to lend every effort to allevia- 
ting suffering in the war-torn couatries whose destitution v/e 
can never know* 

In September we will pack kits for Buss ian relief • 

in October we- will pack Christmas kits mich will be 
sent to christian families in liberated S-ax*ope and Asia as a 
means of .meet ir.g material needs and devoloping a spirit of 
brotherhood with christians of G-fecce, ITo'rwcsy, the Philip- 
pines,' and other coimtries# 

. The project in Ilovcmber is the Red Cross Sewing Room* 
Ife all know the desperate need of people for clothing v/hich 
is supplied thro-ugh the Pwod Cross. TTe ask the cooperation of 
eo-ch woman of St. Philip's to form a large group who will sew 
at the Red Cross production room each ITednesday during Hovem- 

We find in information from national headquarters that 
. this conmittee is to contribute to the follov/ship within the 
Parish, therefore we axe happy to lend our efforts toward the 
work of prepariiig for the Auxiliary Christmas Party. ISiis 
T/ill be o-ur December project. Other projects for the year 
will bo annoomced later. 

Socretaary; Mrs. Hugo WcOker; 1103 Knox St.. X-'56l2 

St. Agatha~Miss Tiphaine Burgess, 1021 Eighth St., 
St^ Anne—Mrs. J? L. Prizzelle, 2IO3 Engletipod Ave. , X-39U2 
St. Catherine— Mrs. W. C. Slater, 13. Porost Wood Br. , P-6SU3 
St. Cecelia — ^Mrs. Stewart Alexander, 923 Dacian Ave., H-U071 
St, Elizabeth— Mrs. a. B. Griffith, University Apt, , il-SlUy 
Mrs. Harris Abrahams, University Apt., 11-902^ 
St. Hilda— Miss Ethel Eoade, 1011 Lamond Ave., P-3761 


It is the responsibility of each chapter Cheer Partner 
to romember memhers of her chapter in time of sorrow- or ^ joy. 
In addition, they should report' to Mrs, Hicks, the G-eneral 
Cheer Partner chairman, so that she my let tliern knov; the ' 
viiole Aujciliary is thinking of them also, 

"Kind hearts are the gardens; 
Kind thotights are the roots; 
Kind words are the "blossoms; 
Kind deeds are the firait," 

Chalmian; Mrs, 'T, A, Rjclcs, 2007 University Sr., 1-4^)72 

St, igatha— Mrs, Burke Hobgood, "506 Edwards St., P-2211 
St, j\nne — ^lArs. Palmer Pickard, 1^1-02 Broo.d St., X-1270 
St, Catherine— Mrsc 5?. A. Ricks, 2007 University Dr, ,Ir-U572 
St, Cecelia — ^Miss Elizabeth Constable, University Apt,,R-256l 
St, Elizabeth — ^^.Irs, Nello Teer, Jr, , Roxboro Rd. , F-2S3I 
, St. Hilda—Mrs, T7. C, Lindsey, Uo 2 Morris St,, E-79II 


Attention is called to the necessity for renewed and 
intensified interest in the v;ork of the Chrixch Periodical . 
Club, v/hich is a tv/o-fold v/ork: 

Eirnt ? securir^ s\ib script ions to EORTK, our Church 

Second ; very inxportant, the collection of the follow- 
ing items to /^e used by the men in the hospitals at Ccunp 

Butner.- The following list has been submitted by Miss Lillie- 

Hill, our Diocesan Director. This project, is^ continuous • 

throuighout the year, so plertse bring the following articles' - 

as often as possible to chapter meetings o,r to the g;cnerd,l . • 

meetings. , v - 



For the Craft Shop 

Plywood and veneer of all bizes 

Clark's O.II.T. Rug Yarn 

Pelt Material 

B-urlap Bags 

Monk's Cloth 

Remnant inaterial for makiiig stuffed 

animals . 
Vool Yam 

Wooden hovzls and plates for carvirlg 
Kiln for pottery class 
potters hoel 

Books Best Sellers 

UOOO ash trays 

Gigsavf puzzles - " 


Goat hangers 

Purniture and Famishings 
Card tahles 

Shov/ cases for ctaft display 
CuplDoard for dishes 
La\m furniture 
Metal Waste Baskets 

Music DeiDartment < 

Voice Recording Machines 
Victrola records 

Small pianos (portable) 

Secretary; Mrs. C, K, ShiTO. IIOU Watts St> . X^2Z^G 

St. Agatha—Mrs. John Coho, 905 Sixth St., X-3UOO 
St. Anne~Mrs. Charles Sav/yer, 2119 Eriglewood Ave. , 
St. Catherine—Mrs. W, Sceraan, forest Hills, P-7971 
St. Cecelia—Mrs. W.B. Rowlcjid, Jr., SlU Vickors Ave. ,P-9C 
St. Elizabeth— Mrs. B. Y. Burke, 50S Porest St., L-UOSI 
St. Hilda— Iff s. J. P. Bumli^^ja, 1U25 Dollar Ave., X-5206 


You are asked to save ojii turn irx to your clio,pter 
represeiitative coupons from the follov;ing products: all ' 
Octagon products. Bumf or d booking povrder, OlDclisk flour, 
Oxydol, Health Glu"b "balling -power, Luzianne products, Kirk- 
man cleaner and "complexion" soap, and Borden's milk. 
These coupons are sent to the Thompson Orphanage tuico 
yearly, in Octooer and Juno. Many useful premiums have 
been procured v/ith these coupons, such as a gasoline lavm 
mower, electric sewing machine, etc* , making this a Yer^.^ 
worth while project. 

Secretary; Mrs. B. Soyd, 1020 Minerva Ave., 

St. Agatha — ^!.!rs. G. S. Sykes, Hurses Home, Dutie U. , 5^-131 
St. Anne— l.irs, L. J. Grotts, I703 Maryland Ave . , X-phSj 
St* Catherine~l;Irs. C. iloell, TTolls St., J^UUUi4-. 
St. Gecelia~Mrs. Charles Sliinner, IOI6 St., L-8S3I 
St. Slizaheth—fcs. D. 1. Brnte, 50S Forest St., L-UoSl 
St. Hilda—Mrs. H. B. Boyd, 1020 Minerva Ave., 1^2024 . 


Tile Hospitality Committee is asked to s-eryc on occca- 
siong. not included in the regular scheduled program. ^ 

Chairman: Mrs, W< TI. Hamper, ,2l!^ E. Xheek St., J'-^O^fol 

Mrs. T7. C. Crabtree, Pranlclin Court Apt., H-UoSl 

Mrs. J. B. Griswold, Forest Hills, J-l^Gl 

Mrs. IT. S. Criswold, I5U0 Hermitage Ct., I\[-5UUl 

Mrs. H. H. Leigh, 2320 Club Blvd., X-3732 

Mrs. 17. C. Slater, 121 Forest ITood Dr. , F-6SU3 
Mrs. Underv/ood, University Apt . , L-7^92 

Mrs. r. XJ. TToodley, IOO7 Oreen St., X--U5U1 

Mrs. A. M. TTorth, 1011 I/2 Dacian Ave. , F-2593 



lEie purpose of the missionary correspondent is three- 

!• To learn and impart useful and interesting informa- 
tion about the mission field and missionaries* 

2. To pray fervently for those men and women v/ho have 
given their lives in service to their I.fa,ster, £ind to encourage 
all to include them daily in their prayers. 

3» To prepare the t/omen in the church to give liberally 
to the proposed expanding . church in the mission field* 

Secretary; Mrs, G-co> L* Lyon, Hope Valley^ J«-Q^72 

St. Agatha — ^I-liss Henrietta Pagan, Y.IT.C.A. , J-S83I 
■ St, Anne—Mrs* C, B. Mason, 2022 Club Blvd., X-U276 
St* Catherine— Ltrs* Prank -Minter, ?orest TTood Dr., 
St. Cecelia— Miss Mary Burgess, 1021 Eighth St., ' 
St. ElizaliEeth— Mrs* TT* IT* TToodley, IOO7 areen St. , X-U5UI 
St* Hilda— Mrs* G. Lindsey,. U02 Morris' St., F-7911 


1, It is tliG purpose of recruiting secretaries to 
interest every v/omc-ii in tlio Parian and to enroll her in 
the program of tlio Auxiliary and of the Parish* ^ * ' 

2. To enroll ne'v/ members for ooth the Auxiliary and 
the parish. 

3, To interest youA^ men in "becoming candidates for- 
the ministry, 

4. To interest members in attending Suinmer Church 

conf erehccs. • - - • • 

Chairmafa.; Mrs, A* 11. T'orth; IQll l/2 Dacian Ave> tP-2^93 

St, Agatha-— Ivlrs*. C,*H. Shipp, llOU TTatts St,, X^2356 

Miss Sarah Markham, 204 i;f, Dillard St, P-625I 
St, "Aiane— Mrs, J.L, SYiz^ollc, 2IO3 Snglewood Ave,-. X-39i2 

Mrs. Roland Andrews,. 2210 Pershfng" St,, X-29^5 
St, Catherine—Mrs, Hay\7ood 'Taylt)r,* 2&2D. University Dr-, ,R-50^1 

' • Mrs, J. P, C?\7altnGy, '201' TTo^odridge Br. P-2061 
St, Cecelia — lilss Dorothy Remi, Gale Drive, 'F-'JS'Jl 

Miss Sophronia TTebb, 811 Vickcrs Ave,, Ir-35^1 
St, Eliza'beth—Mrs, C, B, MarMiaxa, 20U 11, Dillard St, ,P-6251 

Mrs, P, B, TTebb, Sll Yickers Ave., Ir-35^1 
St, Hilda--Idrs, R. B, Cooke, IOI5 r. Trinity Ave. , F-99^1 
Mrs, B. R, Roherts, Beverly Apts., J-S0U2 


ST. lim^ABIH^S auiLD 

Chairnicm: Hrs^ 3> V. Rolports, 1503 PettiCTo?/ St,, J-->7091 

St. Margaret *s G-uild is the money-making organization 
of the Woman* s A-uxiliary, It consists of a chairman, and a repre- 
sentative from each of the six chapters. All memlDers of the 
Auxiliary are also memhers of St» Margaret *s G-uild. 

St, Margaret's v/ill sponsor three' projects for 19^5-^6 • 

Pirst ; "Episcopal Pansy Sale" diaring Soiotcrn'ocr. Pansies shipped 
OctolDer 15. 

Pansy Committee 

Mrs* Jime Mallard, F-0571 
Mrs, Frederick Hesser, P.-6732 
Mrs. J. H. Seaman i 
Mrs. TT. H. Llewellyn, X^SyUj 
■ Mrs. C. Slater, ?-*6g^-3 
Mrs. 3. P.oberts, J-7091 

Second: "An Old Time Bazaar" ' : 

The following v/omen will serve as iDooth chairmen: 

. Heedlework — — - — Mrs;;'Eva Mason, L-66U1 

Art Mrs,' W. Woodley, X-^^kl 

Baby Booth Mrs. P. C, Spencer, P-.3IO2 

Garden ^ — "Mrs, R. B. Cooke, P-99UI 

Toys Mrs," James Portmie, II-O913 

TJhite Elephant- Mrs* W. H, Huffin, Ir-2291 

Christmas Mrs. J. C, Michie, Jr., P-g911 

Pood — - Mrs. D. M. Connor, J-kkjl 

Knitting 'Mrs, E. K, Powd, Jiv, l\!-05Ul . 

L-oncheon Mrs. G-eo. L, Lyon, J-0^72 

Mrs, ¥, S. Griswold, II-5UU1 


ST. llARaAKST^S auIIiP (cont.) 

Third r^'R-umma^e Sale" — Soptcm'ber 20^ 21, 22* 

• Hiimim^e Coinmittpo . 

llrs. H^V^H, Stoevcr, 1^9551 . 

Mrs.. J* Crotts, X«2l467 ' 

Mrs, G-us Brannon, Sr. , L-3S22 

lira.; Dean Hall^ X-.33g5 

Llrs. Jtme Hal lard, 

Hiss Prances Uoolworth, X-3^13 


'Ilhc Supply TJork consists of one annual in-^rthcr- 
ing of good used garments to be sent to some designated 
mission. It is the duty of the Supply Committee to col- 
lect, through the chapters, as many^ ga^rments as T^ossible. 
The committee then packs and ships thqse garments to the 
mission field. 

Secrotar:,r; Llrs. H. H. Lems, 1007 MinerVa Aye.. J-*'50^2 
Co-SGC^y: Hiss Pra.nces T/oolv/orth, 2108 En^lewood, X-3^13 

St. Agatha — Llrs. H. H, Lewis, 1007 Llinerva Ave . , J-5052 

St. Aiinc-— Llrs.. John Desel, 251U Banner St., F-UU92 

St. Catherine — lirs.. C. T. Brannon, Jr. , 208 Pino Yiew, J-685I 

St. Cecelia — ^Ivlrs. G-oqde Bro-ughton, Franklin Court Apt. , IT-U 211 

St. Elizaheth~Mrs'. P.. T'. Glonn, 1022 Minerva Ave., L-S5II • 

St. Hilda--rMrs. J.^ TTalter Proctor, 1010 Urban Ave., X--UoUU 

SUPPLY h)hk: 


2riis year's ingathering has been set for iNToTemlDer 5, 
Clothing should he hrocight to the chapter meetings on that 
date and turned over to the Supply representative in each 
chapter ♦ 

In addition to the clothiig sent to designated missions, 
some garments are sent each year to Miss Lillie* Hill* A sum 
of $75*0^ is allotted to our Supply TTork each year "by the 
Woman' s Auxiliary. 


Participation in the United 'Ihank Off ering is a very 
special privilege accorded v;t)mcn of ' the - church and its growth 
is an inspiration to women ever yivhere^ Diocesan and Parish 
custodiD.ns are continually reaching out. in an effort to liave 
ever^' woman malce some expression of thankf^fLness through the 
United Thanlc Offering, ' ■ ' 

OHie emphasis is not on ^^low much," hut "How many* ^ 

Ingatherings of United 'Hhahk: Offer inj£:s for 19^5-"19^6 

Jail - October 1, Cliapter Meeting 
Spring - March ^, Chapter Meeting 

Custodian: Mrs. Eva lias on » 1013 Monmouth Ave. > 6 04-1 
St. Agatha—Mrs. TiTalter Zing, Jr., lyOJ St., X-3OI9 
St. Anne— Ivlrs. D. C» Mitchell, 2OI5 Club Blvd^, X-U23I 
St. Catherine — ^Mrs. Murray Jones, I52S Hermitage Gt. , Ir-5S6l 
St. Cecelia — ^Lliss Juanita Shearont SOS IT. G-regson St., IT-U2O2 
St. Eliza"beth~Mrs. J. C* Michie, Jr., I507 Pettigrew St,, E-59II 
St. Hilda— -^vliss Ida Cowan, IOI3 Dacian Ave. , 1-2271 






Cowan, John 
Harris, John 
Hohgood, Bailey, Jr, 
H-ughes, Hohert 
Lyon, G-eorge L, , Jr. 
Snf f in, ¥♦ H, , Jr. 
Slater, Tf» , Jr. 
St o ever, Lleredith 3D. 


The function of the Altar G-uild is the care of all 
sacred vessels, linen, "brasses and hangings. It is re- 
sponsihle for the provision of the elements, candles, etc., 
and to replace a.ny articles which are worn from service. 
'Fne members, serving one month in the year, prepaa-e the Altar 
for the Holy Comrmmion every S^onday and on all Peast Days, 
and change the hangings for Baptisms, Weddings and Burials. 
All flower arrangements for the Altar must "be the duty of an 
Alta^r G-uild mcsnher. These duties ^oy the Altar G-uild, which 
are so uno"btrasively done, contrihute to the most important 
and sacred function of the church, requiring loving and con- 
secrated care. 


President r- Mrs. George L. Lyon, J-OU72 

Vice President l^rs. ¥. E. Huffin, L-2291 

Socreta.ry and Treasurer — Mrs, Hugo Walker, X-561I 

Chairman of Brasses lirs. H. L. Williamson, F-7531 

Mrs. P. B. Boyd, 1^1-262^ 
Chairman of Linens Uts. W. B. Leftwich, H-U16I 


Alexander, Mrs. Thos* L. , R-byil 
Boyd, I'Irs. R. B. , 1T~262U 
B^orke, Mrs. D. V., L-UOSl 
Cohh, Mrs, Clarence, R-625I 
Evans, Mrs. R. R. , N-9S53^ 
Gregory, Mrs. J.M.M. ,Jr. ,R-26Sl 
awaltney, Mrs. J. P., F-2O61 
Herndon, Mrs. CM., X~50il9 
Herndon, Miss Kate, X-II32 
Hohgood, Mrs. B. W» , L-6675 
Johnston, Mrs. L. M. , P-625I 
Kv^er, Mrs. W. R. , N^^K)?! 
Leftwich, Mrs. W. B. , H-U16I 
Leigh, Mrs. Richard, U-3732 
Lyon, Mrs. Geo. L. , J-OU72 
Mallard, Mrs. J. H. , P-507I 
.Markham, Mrs. C. B. , P-625I 
Markham, Miss Eleanor, P-625I 


Mason, Mrs. C. B., X-U276 
Michie, Mrs. J. C. , Jr. ,E~5911 
Minter, Mrs. Prank, lT-7^51 
Moore, Mrs. C. A., IT-UolU 
Potts, Mrs. R.H.,Jr., E-3723 
Q;ainn, Mrs. R.E. , Jr., 11-0352 
Reade, Miss Ethel, E-3751 
Renn, Miss Dorothy, E-7971 
Roberts, Mrs. B.W. , J~7091 
Roberts, M§s. B. R. , J-S0U2 
Puffin, Mrs. W. E. , L-2291 
Walker, Mrs. Hugo, X-5612 
Webb, Mrs. Franlc, Ir-35^1 
Webb, Mrs. H. B. , L-25^3 
Webb, Mrs. J. C,, E-2O3I 
Weldon, Mrs. J. R. , Ir-b675 
Williamson, Mrs. H. L., "P-7531 
Worth, Mrs. A. M. , P-2593 


- Officers 

Su-perinteiident — Mr. ¥• Muffin, L-2291 

Secretary — ^Irs, Vi. Slater, 1-62^3 ' 

Treasiorer — to. Hello I'eer, Jr., F-2S5I ' 

Director Eeli^iQ-gs Education — Miss Mai'y 3"argess, 

Birthday Thaiife Of f erin,s: Ctistodian — Mrs, 3. TT» Eolierts, J-709I 

Jiiaior Choir Director — tes. C* A. Mooro, l^UlUl 

Choir Mother ~ Mrs* Julian 2:af fin, 11-25^1 

Pianist — Mrs, T. Yancey, L-US22 

•Teachiii^ Staff 

Uurscr:,r and Kindergarten Department ; 

Mrs, J, A, Roljinson^ SuT)t,, I1-IU12 
' : Miss Anne Adams ' 

Mrs. 3.. 3. Cooke 

Miss Kitty ITelson ' 

Mrs* ¥• H. Ruffin 

First G-rade: Miss Ethel Reade 

Second G-rade: — - Mi's, C, E, IToell 

Third G-rade si — — ^Mrs, Richard Andrews 

^Miss Anna Jean Walker 

Fourth Orades; — — tes, T7. M. Wallace II.. 

- Mr. Garland Llewellyn 

Fifth G-rade Ivirs* 3., H* Brady 

Sixth. Qrade:--- Mrs, F. 3. WehlD 

Seventh Grade t—r—^—r — ^Miss Maiy Burgess - • ■ ■ 
Eighth G-rade:---- :f^^~T — ICrs, R, E, Q-uinn, Jr* . 

'Mr. R. H, Leigh 
Tenth Grade — -r- — liirs*, lf7. A, Brownell 
Eleventh and Twelfth - ' 

G-radcs: ^i;Irs* G-eo, L# I<yon 

AduLt Bihle Class: Mrs* Burke Hobgood 



•Tlie ftaiction of this coamittee is to v/elcome the con- 
gregation aJid newcomers each Simday "before Morning Service 
"begins. Cha.pters mil servo as follov/s: 

September — St, Hilda 
October — St. Catherine 
ITovember St, Anne 
December — St* Elizabeth 
January — St, Anno 
Eebr^oTjry — St, Hilda 

March — St, 
April — St, Cecelia 
Hay — St, Agatha 
June — St, Catherine 
July ~ St, Cecelia ' 
August — St, Agatha 

CHOIH (Senior) 

Mr, and Mrs, ¥, P, Twaddcll, Directors 
Mrs, Myers Curtis, Org:anist 
Mrs, R, B» Boyd, Choir Mother 


Bailey, Mrs. Brown 
Bramion, Mr, G-. T, 
Burcham, Miss Jean Arthur 
Burgess, Miss Mary 
Curtis, Mr, Myers 
Fortune , Mrs, James 
Harrison, Mr, ¥. m'# 
Kendall, Miss Helen 
Leonard, Miss Dorothy 
Lindsey, Mr, Tom 
Shackleford, Mrs. C, ^, 
Pope, Mr. Y'arren 

Lyon, Mrs. G-eo. L, - - 
Ijyon, Miss Snowden 
Powell, Miss Betty - 
Heade, Miss Ethel* 
StoQver^, Mr, .Henry 
Walker , Hi s s ' Anna J ean 
Walker, Mrs, Hugo 
Walker, Mr. Hugo 
Williamson, l^s. Harvey 
Williamson, 'MiSs Eugenia 
G-lymph, Mr. Bcnjarain 


CHOIPu (Junior) 

The Jimior Ghoir serves a two-fold pirrpose: 

1. It is an aid to the worship service of the Simday 

2. It trains our children and young people in liturgical 

Ilrs, Charles noore. Director 

Llrs, lu Yancey, Organist 

I.Irs ♦ Julian Raff in. Choir ".lother 

Junior Choir iiemhers 

Bass, Hary Anne 
Blomquist, Betty 
Brady, Janet 
Brannon, Annette 
Bryan, Dan 
Dozier, Catherine 
Egerton, Patsy 
PortuLio, Jimmy 
G-waltney, IPeggj 
Lewis, liary G-antt 
Llewell^Ti, ITancy 

Martin, Mary 
Michaels, Julia 
Minter, Praiik, Jr. 
Mur do ck , SI i z ah e t h 
Pashales, Ilina 
Ricks, Yvone 
Ruffin, Jane Byrd 
Ruff in, Josephine 
Stanley, Keith 
Tsamas, Irene 



Fresidont — llr» R. G. Hurst 
Vice President — ^i.Ir. lD. A. Ricks 
Secretary — I.Ir. 2oiii Lindsey 

Executive G omit tee 

Mr. Murray Jones 
Mr. Joe Baob 
Mr. T. A. Fuss 


Suppers for the Layman^ s League meetings are 
prepared and served t)y the woman's Auxiliary each month* 

Chaipters in charge of Suppers; 

SeptemlDer — ITo meeting 
Octoher — St» Catherine 
IJovemher — St. Anne 
December — St. Elizabeth 
January ™ St . Anne 
Eebraary — St. Hilda 
March ~ St. Elizabeth 
April — St. Hilda 
May — St. Catherine 


Chairman; liixs. J> 5, Slruler, 265Q University Dr, , P~2751 

Jot the iDenefit of those viho axe not acquainted v/ith the 
l\F"ursery, it is for the convenience of mothers who would like to 
go to church hut have no one to care tor their children. ¥e 
T/ant them to feel free to use the xTursery. Your child v/ill he 
T/ell taken care of during that hour. 

]>ar ing the v/inter we try to have two mothers in charge 
each Su.nday, as our attendance is larger than in summer. 'To do 
this we need the help of as many mothers as we can possihly 
get, so that the same mllii^ ones will not have to he imposed 
upon hy heing asked to serve too often. ¥e feel this is a most 
worthv7hile project* We ask that you respond v/hen called upon 
to serve. 

The following is a list of the names of mothers v/ho 
have so graciously kept the Hm^ser^T- of St. Philip* s during the 
church hour and to whom we wish to express sincere thanlcs: 

3eaman» Mrs, J. S, 
Boyd, Mrs. H. 3, 

Llewellyn, Mrs. W. H. 
Miller, Mrs. W. J. 
Persons, 1/Irs. H. I, 
Qainn, Mrs. R. E. , Jr. 
H^ey, Ivlrs. H. E. 
Hoherts, Mrs. R, 
Schofield, Mrs. W. M. 
Troy, Mrs* Ballard 
Wehh, Mrs. H. B. 
Wehh, Mrs. Joe 

Bryson, Mrs. E. 
Cooke, Mrs. R. 3, 

Bunnagan, fcs. M. K. 

G-ihson, Mrs. J. D. 
Harris, Mrs. I. E. 

Harrison, Mrs..T/. M. 

Herndon, IVIrs. C. M. 
Hughes, Mrs. R. D. 

Llewellyn, Ivlrs. G-arland 

In addition to this list, we are happy to say that one 
memher of the Y^P.S.L. serves each Sunday. 


'The Parish. Coimcil is composed of the head of each 
organization and one elected member. The p-arpose of the 
Co-one il is to evaluate jparish activities, to draw up and 
set forth a more effective parish program, to prepare con- 
crete plans for carrying out the program, to coordinate 
organized activities, and to offer s-uggestions to the 'vestry 
regarding the "budget necessary for the program. 


Chairman ; Rev. Clarence R* Haden, Jr. 
Secretary; Ifirs* Burke Hohgood 

Vestry Rev. Clarence R. Eaden, -Jr. Rector 

Dr. Angtis HcBryde, Senior Warden 
Mr. JmiQ Mallard 

Woman'* s Auxiliary Ivlrs. Q-eo. Watts Carr, Pres. 

Mrs. J. L. Prizzelle 

Choir ■ — ; lilrs. W. P. Twaddell,"'. Director 

Mrs. Hugo Walker 

Layman* s Leagiie Mr. R". G-. Hurst, Pres. 

Mr. Ivror ray' Jones 

Young People *s Service League-rG-r ant Hurst, Pres. 

Kathryh Brovmell 

Student Work Mrs. Burke Hobgood 

Sunday School — W. H. Ruff in, Supt. " 

Mrs, Franlc Wehh' 

Soldier Work LIrs. A. M. Worth 

Religious Education Secretary-Miss Mary Burgess 


St, Philip's Parish House is open each Saturday 
night from S until 11 o'clock for the entertainment of 
all service men. Local girls, college students, and stu- 
dent nurses serve as juaior hostesses* Mr, Bailey Ho'bgood 
is in charge of the music for dancing, llrs, 'E^ T. Yancey 
is pianist for group singing, I\lr, Haden and Mr^ Parsley . 
are hosts to the men and Miss Mary Burgess assists in 
entertaining and acts as hostess, Mr« A, M. T7orth serves 
as contact man, 

Prom, the beginning, Mrs. J. A. Robinson has "been 
one of the outstanding members of the Soldier Service Com- 
mittee. She is always present and stands at the Parish 
House door to greet the service men and make "them feel at 

Auxiliary members act as senior hostesses and pre- 
pare and serve refreshments. 


Chairman^ I/Irs. A. IvI. ¥orth, 1011 I/2 Dacian Ave. ^"-2^93 

Alexander, Mrs, Stewart P. 
Alexander, Mrs, Thos, L, 
Bailey, Mrs. Brown 
Blanton, Mrs. L. 
Brovmell, Mrs. ¥, A. 
Burgess, Miss Mary 
Connor, Mrs. D, IL 
Constable, Mrs. Chrysteen C. 
I^erton, Mrs, P. 1I# 
Prizzelle, Mrs. J. 
G-riswold, Mrs. J, B, 
G-walt ney, Mrs. J. P« 
Haden, Mrs. C. H. , Jr. ^ 
Happer, Mrs^ W, HIT. 
Hobgood, Mrs^ Burke 
Johnston, Mrs. L, M. 

Jones, Mrs. Murray 
Kuker^ Mrs. E. 
Lyon, Mrs. Geo. L. 
Markham, Mrs. John 
Minter, Mrs. Prarilc 
Ogsbury, Mrs. Y^, H. 
Po\7e, Mrs* E. Z. , Jr. 
<^nn, Mrs. S. S. , Jr. 
Reid, Miss Huth 
Eobinson, Mrs. J. A. 
Schiebel, Mrs. H# M. 
Stoever, Mrs, H.Y.E:, 
Underwood, Mrs. Robert 
¥atkins, fcs. Alston 
Wetmore, Mrs^ M. D. 
Fnitaker, Mrs. ¥. P., Jr. 
Wilson, Mrs. Jas. M. 


?o-ar nev/ members of the Yestry are elected each 
year for a term of three years. Members are elected 
"by the congregation at tlie annual Congrega-oional Meet- 

Senior Warden : Dr. Angus McBryde 
Junior ¥arden : Mr. H. Roberts 

Bird, Professor H. C. 
Cohh, Mr. Clarence 
Grain, Mr. H. H. 
Hohgood, Mr. Bailey 
Leigh, Mr. Richard H. 
Lewis, Mr. E. P. 
Mallard, Mr. June 
Hinter, Mr. Shrank 
Quinn, Mr. H. E.., Jr. 
Huff in, Mr. ¥, H. 


The real purpose for the existence of the Y.P.S.L, is 

that through its varied activities, the young people of our 
church may he led to know the Living Christ, a.nd to trans- 
late into terms of everyday living the four ideals of worship, 
study, fellowship, and service. Therefore, it is with full 
realization of the task at hand and of the high privilege 
which is theirs, that these four women from. the Auxiliary 
go about their work each year, happy to share in such 'an ' ' 
inspiring and vital part of the churches march forY^ard.. 

Counselors for 19^5-19^6 

Head Counselor : Mrs, R. E* QTiinn, Jr. ^^ . 

Mem"bershiT>-E inane e Committee : Ilrs* Ct. Plurst 
Service Committee : Mrs. W. C, Slater " • 
Social Committee : Mrs. ?/. ¥oodley, Jr. 
proA^ram Committee : Mrs. ?l. E. Q;uinn, Jr. 


President: G-rant Hurst ^ . 

Yice-President ; Panchon Lev/is 
Secretary ; Prances Minter 
Treasurer: Bill Slater 

Thaiik: Offering Treas'orer : Marianne Proctor 
Efficiency Secretaiy : Kathryn Brovrnell 


JU.mighty G-od, our heavenly Father, hless we pra3^ 
Thee, our T7ork for the extension of Thy kingdom, and 
make us so thankful for the precious gift to us of Thy 
iselwed Son, that v/e may pray fervently, lahor diligent- 
ly, and give iihferally to make Him known to all nations 
as their Savior and their King: through the same Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

On "behalf of the T/onai 
express our appreciation to 
efforts in Li^Ocing this "book 

l's Auxiliar^r mq wish to 
Mrs. H« Lev/is, for her 

Qarr, Pres.